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Genuine Classic Parts GCP

GCP extends the life of your Volvo

No one knows how long time a Volvo can keep going. This expression is now more relevant than ever.

Genuine Classic Parts (GCP) ensures the supply of spare parts for all older Volvo models. GCP - a systems supplier for Volvo - is now taking full responsibility for all Volvo owners in the world being able to obtain original Volvo high-quality spare parts.

Down below you will find our new catalogue system. It’s a new type of search engine developed for GCP and unique to the Volvo world. You will also see the current stock situation and much more.


You have two ways of finding the parts for your car. If you already have the part number then search for it in the upper right corner. Ore you click on the car model under net this text and start using the system.



Please click here to get to the help section for more information about how it works.



PV Amazon P1800 140 160 200 700

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